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Montague Island Head Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage. Photo: Justin Gilligan

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Whale App

Wild About Whales app

Download our free app to find the top whale watching spots in NSW and submit your sightings.

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What you can do:

  • Publish your sightings in real-time
  • Plan and book your coastal adventure
  • See where the whales are right now, in map and list views
  • Receive notifications when whale sightings are logged along the coast
  • Filter sightings by timeframe and region so you can focus on the sightings you are interested in
  • See how the season progresses with the whale sightings counter
  • Share your own whale shots on the gallery
  • Learn about different whale species
  • See tips for spotting them and the best vantage points.

Check out this video and learn about the great features including how you can find the top spots, spot whales, track their progress and share your sightings via the gallery.